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Tutorial | Workshop | Special Session

Online Application Form

If you would like to Organize a Tutorial, Workshop or a Special Session during the IISA 2017 Conference days kindly fill and Submit the form below.

After the Submission of the data, the Application will be reviewed by our Steering Committee and the decision will be sent to your contact e-mail.

Uncheck the box if you would like to use your own Important Dates
Maximum of 10 chararacters
Please insert one Topic per Line
First Last Name, Affiliation, E-mail, Country
First Last Name, Affiliation, E-mail, Country
Please create and upload a ZIP archive of different images (Posters, Featured Images, Chairs photos) related to the submission.
Please send us the link of any Video (Youtube, Vimeo) related to the Tutorial, Workshop or Special Session you would like us to advertise via the IISA conference website.
Provide us with Contact Details (Emails, Websites etc) of the Contact Person(s) responsible for this Submission